About me

I live in Trondheim, Norway, where I have been the last 10 years. I’m working as an IT consultant, a job where I thrive and can constantly evolve and learn about the things and concepts I have a great interest in.

When not working, I’m using quite some time on reading up on- and experimenting with IT concepts at home, so almost as working. 🙂 I also play some simulation games when I want to relax, like Flight Simulator, and historically anchored strategy games like Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings and Steel Division.

I also like to spend time outside in the forest and mountains, and dragging my tent and sleeping bag with me there. Hiking and camping is a big activity of mine in the spring, summer and fall, and it is really liberating to get out in nature. Mostly I use the local wilderness, but I also travel farther away to hike here in Norway when I have the time for it.

Sometimes, when I want time away from the LCD screens, I pick up my Kindle and take a afternoon on the couch, reading and relaxing. The favorite genre is Historical Fiction, and my most read author is Tom Clancy. I also like the sci-fi genre, and found the author Matthew Mather and so far I’ve liked his books.


Email: if you wish to send me an email, you can use lars.hoydal@protonmail.com. If you send from your own protonmail address, it will be end to end encrypted. You can also inline encrypt the content with my protonmail PGP public key you find on the page here if you send from some other address than protonmail.

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