Upping the C++ learning

It is really fun to have a plan and getting to learn more — and use the increasing knowledge in programming for building software and tools, and realizing my ideas!

Earlier, I started to get more serious about learning development and coding. Me and a few friends is starting out with the Unreal Engine, and having fun with that.

Since I like to code some from before – like PHP, some JavaScript, etc – I felt like this was a great opportunity to learn and use C++.

I know some of the basics principles from PHP, like arrays, variables, simple types, and stuff like that, but I hadn’t a lot of experience with memory, pointers, and other likewise principles from machine code.

From before I’ve read and worked through a book called “Beginning C++ Through Game Programming” and got some insight and knowledge through that, but I now felt I had to go deeper into the matter and learn more to be able to use it for more productive purposes.

I also enrolled in some courses on Udemy.com within programming and Unreal Development that I’m currently working through. I can warmly recommend these, since they are thorough and takes it in a good pace.

Now, after making a request on Mastodon (a lot of devs there!) for a good intermediate level book on C++, I have found – and ordered – a book that I got recommended, and that’s looking good for my purpose. The book in question is “C++ How to Program.” It has released the 10th edition, but I bought the 9th edition used on Amazon.co.uk (since I live in Norway), and it seems promising. Since the latest edition cost about $155, I settled for the used version for about £30.

I’m really looking forward to getting it, and get to start working through it!