Upping the C++ learning

It is really fun to have a plan and getting to learn more — and use the increasing knowledge in programming for building software and tools, and realizing my ideas!

Earlier, I started to get more serious about learning development and coding. Me and a few friends is starting out with the Unreal Engine, and having fun with that.

Since I like to code some from before – like PHP, some JavaScript, etc – I felt like this was a great opportunity to learn and use C++.

I know some of the basics principles from PHP, like arrays, variables, simple types, and stuff like that, but I hadn’t a lot of experience with memory, pointers, and other likewise principles from machine code.

From before I’ve read and worked through a book called “Beginning C++ Through Game Programming” and got some insight and knowledge through that, but I now felt I had to go deeper into the matter and learn more to be able to use it for more productive purposes.

I also enrolled in some courses on Udemy.com within programming and Unreal Development that I’m currently working through. I can warmly recommend these, since they are thorough and takes it in a good pace.

Now, after making a request on Mastodon (a lot of devs there!) for a good intermediate level book on C++, I have found – and ordered – a book that I got recommended, and that’s looking good for my purpose. The book in question is “C++ How to Program.” It has released the 10th edition, but I bought the 9th edition used on Amazon.co.uk (since I live in Norway), and it seems promising. Since the latest edition cost about $155, I settled for the used version for about ¬£30.

I’m really looking forward to getting it, and get to start working through it!

Long time, no see

A small update on what I’ve been doing lately, since it’s been a while since I posted. Includes: 3D modelling with Blender and developing with C++ in Unreal Engine.

So it’s been some time since my last post here. I have used that time mainly working, but I’ve also shot some photos and done some code learning.

One of my biggest resources for learning, is Udemy.com. I have purchased some courses there, regarding Unreal Development with C++, and 3D modelling with Blender. For me, this works perfectly. I’m learning progressively and get the work down through the challenges in the courses.

I’m quite happy with my progress. I’m by no means any expert in any of the fields yet, and I will call myself an amateur enthusiast at the moment. My plan is to 1) complete the courses and 2) work on my own, learning what I need to make games and assets without a lot of limits in competence and know-how.

The latest model I made in Blender, is this Chess Pawn below. I haven’t applied any material or texture to it yet, though. Not too shabby after [never used blender –> 3 days].

And in Unreal Development, I’ve just finished a main challenge in the course, over multiple videoes and smaller challenges, of building a working word game in pure C++, with difficulty settings, error handling, class building, etc. Quite entertaining and exciting.

Now I’m currently learning to build custom components with C++ in the game engine itself. Progress is happening, and I like it.

I hope it will be a bit shorter until my next post, but this is what’s currently happening at the moment. ūüôā

Learning web coding in a good way

I have said that I want to learn more coding and get better at web development. Earlier (like 2004!) I did some PHP coding, including MySQL, HTML and CSS. Nothing serious, though, just learning it since I thought it was fun and challenging.

As the years went, I did tinker with it still, and learned some javascript and did use jQuery, as well, but just for personal stuff like making systems for organizing my books in a fancy way or making my own shopping list.

Now I’ve been idle on that front for perhaps 4-5++ years, and A LOT has happened in that time. In came things like nodeJS, typescript, angularJS, npm, etc, and I don’t know too much about it. (Yet.) I know how it works, but I’m quite¬†outdated in form of coding it and organizing the code well.

So ‚ÄĒ this I want to do something about!

I have, not too long ago, purchased some courses over at Udemy.com about nodeJS + angular, VueJS, and general web design techniques and tips, and they all look promising with good instructors, good content and all that, so I look forward to working through them and complete them.


In addition to Udemy, I stumbled across a website, on recommendation from a friend, called FreeCodeCamp.com. I want to write a few words about this website here.

This site offer learning through simulation kind of an actual working environment a developer might have. After learning you the basics of the different programming languages, of course, that comes in chunks for all to master.

It is designed to let the user benefit from the community, both in the form of teaming up for doing certain projects, mostly fictional, but still work-like, and for getting help in specific problems a user might run into.

You’ll get certifications after completing a certain amount of tasks and challenges, and it exists multiple certifications for e.g front end dev, back end dev, etc. And when all those certifications are done and bagged, you get to work on real life projects for nonprofit organizations for experience.

They even offer help and resources for job search within development when you’re done.

And it is all free, since they are a nonprofit, open source organization. You can donate from $3++ a month to them if you wish.

I have a principle of donating to open source- and free organizations / services I’m a part of or using since I usually think they do a great job or provide a great service then, hence me being there in the first place.

I’ve just come about starting on the challenges for responsive web design with Bootstrap there now ‚ÄĒ something I’ve done some work with (again, personally, not profesionally) earlier, but it is nice to get “the correct approach” to it.

I can’t wait to get deeper into it and working more with¬†it. So far it looks¬†very good, and I can absolutely recommend this service for everyone who’s considering to¬†start learning web development.

If you have your own personal experiences with this service, or perhaps know of similar services, you’re welcome to leave a comment below.