Long time, no see

A small update on what I’ve been doing lately, since it’s been a while since I posted. Includes: 3D modelling with Blender and developing with C++ in Unreal Engine.

So it’s been some time since my last post here. I have used that time mainly working, but I’ve also shot some photos and done some code learning.

One of my biggest resources for learning, is Udemy.com. I have purchased some courses there, regarding Unreal Development with C++, and 3D modelling with Blender. For me, this works perfectly. I’m learning progressively and get the work down through the challenges in the courses.

I’m quite happy with my progress. I’m by no means any expert in any of the fields yet, and I will call myself an amateur enthusiast at the moment. My plan is to 1) complete the courses and 2) work on my own, learning what I need to make games and assets without a lot of limits in competence and know-how.

The latest model I made in Blender, is this Chess Pawn below. I haven’t applied any material or texture to it yet, though. Not too shabby after [never used blender –> 3 days].

And in Unreal Development, I’ve just finished a main challenge in the course, over multiple videoes and smaller challenges, of building a working word game in pure C++, with difficulty settings, error handling, class building, etc. Quite entertaining and exciting.

Now I’m currently learning to build custom components with C++ in the game engine itself. Progress is happening, and I like it.

I hope it will be a bit shorter until my next post, but this is what’s currently happening at the moment. 🙂

FreeCodeCamp progress

So, I’ve been using the website FreeCodeCamp.com for some days now, and I’m pretty happy with it.

The first challenges took me through the basics of HTML and CSS (stuff I knew before, but still great for beginners), how to build responsive with Bootstrap, and then some jQuery.

All this is a part of one of the certificates they give me when all is completed, the Front End Development Certification.

I still have a long way to go to complete this certification, though, but it is very fun to work with, and the challenges are open for creativity for the user, and they also point to the community and self learning (googling) for figuring out stuff you want to do in the projects.

I have one more project to do before moving on to a section of JavaScript, and further down the road it is Object Oriented programming, Algorithm scripting and APIs.

The length of the sections vary relative to the complexity of the subject. All from 2 hours to 150 hours (Advanced Front End Development Projects).

And after that it is over to server side programming and working towards the Data Visualization Certificate and Back End Developing Certificate.

The goal is to complete all these, and by that get the Full Stack Developer Certificate.

Since it all is built upon learning-by-doing in small chunks, and doing larger projects, as well, for each section, I feel I’m learning this in a good and structured way, and I would heartily recommend this website to anyone who wish to learn web development.

One of the projects in the section I’m doing right now, is to make a “tribute page” on codepen.io. Codepen.io is the service the projects are built in, and is a great service I can also recommend.

I’ve done this project, and you can see it on the codepen url here: https://codepen.io/lkhoydal/pen/zwZYKy (which include both the finished page and the code. A little bit like GitHub, kind of, sort of.

I’ll continue posting progress I’m making, with related projects I’ve done and other stuff if I come across, both on FreeCodeCamp.com, but also in other regards about learning code that can be useful for others.